About us

Our company

The “Can of Happy” started in our family as a saying to those whose spirits needed to be uplifted.

It all started one day when my daughter sat down for dinner feeling down and out. I said, "Would you like me to open up a can of happy for dinner?" She smiled and said "Sure". Simple acts of kindness can bring happiness into somebody else's life as well as your own.

For fun, we put together a “Can of Happy” and gave it as a gift. With great feedback, we moved forward and made the idea official. We like to make our mark on the world as a positive influence to people spreading happiness to everyone.

Our team

We are a family owned business and enjoy bringing happiness to others.

Lots of love goes into all of our product selections. We bring to you gifts with meaning and quality to lift someone’s spirits. Remember, what you give out comes back tenfold.


This is one of the coolest gifts I ever got!

Celina from North Carolina

What a surprise! Such an uplifting gift.

Anissa from Seattle Washington